Henry Lives Here

Henry Lives Here.png

 A Short Story By Bueka Uwemedimo

Henry does not live here. Believe me, I know. I knocked on every door from the bottom to the top and could not find my dear friend Henry anywhere. Maybe he used to live here but vanished into thin air said the creepy old lady at apartment 11. Maybe he used to live here but has left to join the fun-fair, said the man dressed like a clown at apartment 29. 
Maybe he used to live here but moved over there said two identical twins living across the hall to each other at apartments 32 and 33.  

From the bottom to the top, I climbed every step, I knocked on every door and now my feet and knuckles are tired and sore.

The answer was always the same when I mentioned his name. “Henry does not live here!”

If you happen to read this story and like what you heard share it amongst your friends and please spread the word. I am looking for my friend Henry, the one who doesn’t live here, but if you happen to know his whereabouts, please let him know that I need back the money he stole. 

The End.