Ruined Play At Everyman Theatre - Press Review


Lynn Nottage's Ruined at the Everyman Theatre

“Also notable are Bueka Uwemedimo as Fortune, the farmer turned reluctant soldier who yearns to reconcile with his wife”


“A suggestion that rape evaporates the spirit is seen in the dead-eyed rage of Salima’s husband Fortune (Bueka Uwemedimo, dangerously forbidding) and Mama Nadi’s cavalier attitude toward her girls.”


“Bueka Uwemedimo, who plays her estranged husband, Fortune, is also aptly named, as what he represents — a return to an idyllic life of sweet gardens and blue skies — is a fortune to be had, but a wild gamble at best.”


“Fortune (Bueka Uwemedimo) is Salima’s husband who initially chased her out of the village when she returned from her ordeal. He is now a soldier in search of Salima, realizing he still loves her. He eventually tips the scales of the delicate balance Mama Nadi has managed to create and sets off the violence bubbling beneath the surface.”