Today Will Be Awesome


A Short Story By Bueka Uwemedimo.

Today will be awesome, I know.

Why will today be awesome? Because I said so.
I don’t care about the blues, we gonna put on dancing shoes and dance like a bunch of kangaroos.

Today will be awesome, yes I said it. Today will be awesome. Now you repeat it!
I know you heard someone called you a nerd but let's go have fun in the park singing with the birds.

Today will be awesome I feel it. Today will be awesome if you believe it.
They said it would rain, but that doesn’t mean a thing, cause we can splash in the mud over and over again.

Today will be awesome, I proclaim it. Today will be awesome, be brave and declare it!
You are down on your luck, but we ain't giving up because today is the day things will change.

The End.