A Street Sign Named Pete


A Short Story By Bueka Uwemedimo

There was once a street sign named Pete, who had no hands or feet. He stood night and day on a bright yellow display without a word to say.

On my daily jogs to the park. I go past Pete along the way. Come winter, spring summer or fall. Right by that corner stands my buddy Pete through it all. 

I thought to myself one random day. I wonder if Pete gets bored standing here, so I thought it would be so much fun to keep him entertained by reading Shakespeare.

Where would you like TO BE or NOT TO BE that is the question I asked Pete. Since he didn’t reply, probably cause he’s a little shy. I told him I wished to be on a white sandy beach someday eating vanilla ice cream and apple pie.

I asked Pete a whole bunch of questions that day and many more as I ran, walked and biked along that pathway. Only realizing after months gone by that my buddy Pete who has no hands or feet, also has no mouth, so Pete couldn't speak.

Despite his lack of communication skills or his ability to do anything else. I really appreciate seeing my pal Pete standing bravely on that big bright yellow display. My buddy Pete is a hero and I really appreciate him doing such a great job keeping us all alert as we go about our daily lives crossing the street. 

Thanks, Pete!

The End.